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Welcome to the home page for 12.307, offered in the spring of 2017.

12.307 is an undergraduate Institute Laboratory Course intended to illustrate, by means of 'hands on' projects, the basic dynamical and physical principles that govern the general circulation of the atmosphere and ocean and the day to day sequence of weather events.

Real time meteorological observations  are studied together with laboratory fluid experiments.

We meet Tuesday and Thursday 2:30 pm - 4:30pm, in Room 54-1623 of the Green Building

Contact Lodovica Illari or John Marshall for more information.

Writing Instructor: Jane Abbott Connor (office: 54-1026)

TA: Yavor Kostov (office 54-1519)

For course announcements and forum see accompanying Stellar website.

Comments from students and some of their reports can be found in the Weather in a Tank wiki

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Development of this and related courses has been generously supported by the 
Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) of the National Science Foundation  
- see here - and an MIT alumni fund.







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