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The Tank Experiments

The four 'projects' that make up 12.307 will make use of some, but not all, of the following experiments. Click on the images to learn about them and to view pictures and movie loops.

GFD I: Rotating fluids have weird properties

Taylor Columns revealed by food coloring in a rotating tank

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GFD II: Convection

DzlItem120.jpg (166462 bytes)

Convection due to heating from below

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GFD III: Radial inflow

Radial inflow

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GFD IV: Parabolic table

Parabolic table

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GFD V: Inertial Circles

Visualizing the Coriolis effect

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GFD VI: Taylor Columns

Taylor Columns over a bump

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GFD VII: Thermal Wind

Thermal wind and the Hadley circulation

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GFD VIII: Fronts

Slope of a frontal surface

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GFD IX: Ekman layers

DzlItem79.jpg (27282 bytes) 

Spin down of a cyclone

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GFD X: Perrot's bathtub experiment

Experiment on Earth's rotation

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GFD XI: General circulation

MVC-008F.JPG (62305 bytes) 

General circulation of the atmosphere

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GFD XII: Stress-driven circulation and Ekman layers


Stress-driven flow

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GFD XIII: Wind-driven circulation ocean circulation

00-03-43-010.jpg (9114 bytes)

Ocean gyres

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GFD XIV: Thermohaline circulation

MVC-002F.JPG (49562 bytes)


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