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Projects based on the use of real-time meteorological observations stress the analysis and dynamical interpretation of weather and climate phenomena.  These are complemented by rotating tank experiments, which offer the possibility of using a controlled laboratory environment to plan an experiment, explain ideas to be tested, observe and record the data.

The projects are introduced by means of written Assignments and by brief introductory lectures, explaining the underlying physical and dynamical ideas.  The lecture component is minimal with emphasis on the planning and discussion of each project by the students themselves.

Students present the results of each project in oral presentations and written reports.

There are four projects each of which takes approximately 3 weeks to complete - see schedule here.

They are:

Project 1: Mass and Wind

Project 2: Fronts

Project 3: Convection

Project 4: General Circulation

Photographs of 2012 projects can be found here.

Photographs of 2011 projects can be found here.

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