Instructions for retrieving hurricane model

There are several versions of the hurricane model that differ only in the form of output and the platform on which the model is to be run. All versions of the code produce ASCII files containing output data. These data can be read by a variety of graphics software packages. The first version is a FORTRAN 77 source code, while the second two are Windows executables. One of the latter two displays graphics on your screen; to use this version, you must first install the Compaq graphics display software included in the ZIP file you will download. The full text of a paper describing the model is available by clicking here.

For the FORTRAN source code, download ALL the files in the directory:

FORTRAN source code version

The FORTRAN 77 code for the hurricane model is contained in the file hurr.f and the file of input parameters is called hurrparams.txt. You should first read the file readme.htm or readme.pdf for instructions on how to use the model.


Note: Portions of the software below have patents pending on them. By clicking on this link, you agree to use this software ONLY for personal or education purposes; use for all commercial and for-profit activities is prohibited, as is any re-distribution of this software.

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Windows versions

These versions run under Windows or DOS. Download the file, use PKUNZIP or similar utility to inflate the files, and retain ALL the files in the same directory on your system. Both graphics and non-graphics version are included in the zip file.

Be SURE to read the file readme.htm or readme.pdf before proceeding.

To run the graphics version, you must first install the COMPAQ Array Visualizer software included in the zip file. Follow instructions in the readme file.

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